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Childrens / Teens / Adults

Life & Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching

Do you ever feel that there is a disconnect between WHO you are and WHAT you do?

Do you find yourself feeling lost, or unsure of your life purpose?

Maybe you have a plan for the future or an idea, yet no real starting point to get you there...

That's ok - we've all felt like that at some point and it does take courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

This program is designed to kickstart your dreams and desires to become your REALITY!

With a proven model, I will guide you through the goal mapping process to achieve positive outcomes within achievable time-frames.

You will get to explore YOURSELF and the discovery will be exciting, challenging at times and more than anything - fulfilling.

I will work WITH you as your Belief Partner to guide and support you in reaching your milestones and goals.


Children & Teens Program

As a life coach specializing in children and teenagers, it stuns and saddens me to see the stress and pressure our youngsters are facing in today’s world.  

From the stress and anxiety of tests and exams to the ever increasing situations of bullying and peer pressure, we need to ensure our kids are confident in themselves and are ready to tackle whatever life throws their way.

Life Coaching provides a safe and comfortable environment where your child will:

  • Gain confidence in expressing their inner most thoughts and feelings

  • Communicate more effectively with yourself and others

  • Work to create and achieve specific goals – short and long term

  • Explore stress and tension release exercises

  • Create and maintain a wheel of wellness

Included in this package are the Parent Review Sessions, so you remain informed of your child’s progress, without it compromising their confidentiality.
I will guide you through these mentoring sessions with tips, ideas and innovative approaches to supporting you and your child through these somewhat difficult years. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home as all sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype!

Wellness Coaching

Here at the Holistic Health & Wellness Centre, wellness is considered to be the integration of daily behaviours to achieve optimal health for your mind, body and soul.

So how can I help you?

Well, many people know what wellness is, however they struggle to integrate wellness behaviours into daily life.

Wellness coaching covers all aspect of your life including: emotional, mental, physical, social, environmental and spiritual dimensions and a holistic approach is taken to make connections and establish balance amongst these areas.

Key issues are targeted which for many people involve stress, inadequate nutrition and physical inactivity and the objective is to assist in facilitating positive life style changes that are both desired and required.

Whether you are looking at reducing stress from your life, are wanting to embark on a new exercise regime, or simply want to learn to breathe better and calm your mind – wellness coaching will assist you with all of these things and so much more.

It’s time that your mind, body and soul got the care and attention needed.

Individual sessions and packages are available.