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Connecting & Communicating With the Spirit World.

There are so many questions associated with the spirit world. “When our loved one passes, are they with us 24/7?”…

“What signs can I look for to know that they’re ok?”….

“When we pass do we all go to the same place regardless of our religious beliefs?”….

These are just a few of the questions that I am asked on a continual basis, so today’s blog (even though I sat here with the intention of writing about nutrition) is to help shed some light on these topics.

Today I listened to my intuition to bring you this blog as I had a strong pulling that you needed to know about how to receive signs and symbols from your loved ones who have passed over.

First things first, I want to clarify a few terms for you. When we deal with the spiritual world, so many terms get used flippantly. The terms psychic and medium are often used in the incorrect context, sometimes they are even used together. The amazingly gifted psychic medium John Edward coined this term, but I will explain the difference to you, as although he possesses these wonderful gifts, not everyone does.

Definition of terms: (Wikipedia, March 2017)

Psychic: A psychic is a person who claims to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses. The word psychic is also used to describe such abilities.

Medium: A person through whom the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living.

There are many similarities that a psychic

and medium share, however the main difference is that although ALL mediums are psychic, NOT ALL psychics are mediums.

Psychics work with individual energy fields (auras) and they tap into this field to provide great details about a person’s life – the past, the current situation and the future. It’s really important to remember that when someone sees a psychic for guidance, their energy is a reflection of how they are at that particular moment in time. Energy shifts and changes ALL the time, so the outcomes are never set in stone.

Mediums use their psychic abilities to tap into the higher energy vibrations of spirits on other dimensions. They are able to communicate with the spirits using some or all of their senses: hearing voices or thoughts, seeing mental impressions or images, feelings which become temporarily imprinted and smelling or tasting certain fragrances or foods.

Mediums use their abilities to help others through their journey of life and can provide comfort, healing and peace to ensure you know the loved ones who have passed are always with you.

As a starting point for understanding, when someone passes away, we grieve the physical body. We grieve the daily activities that we can no longer do together and the conversations which we would normally have. Before seeking a medium it’s important that you go through your own bereavement processes first and give yourself time to grieve. There is no set time for grieving, for one person they may experience all the stages of grief within 6 months, for others it could take years. Listen to your feelings and honour these without trying to speed up the process. When you give yourself time to grieve, you then allow yourself to be in a position where you can receive. A medium will pass on all the information that comes through from the spirit world, however there is NO GUARANTEE of who will actually come through for you. As much as we wish it was possible at times, there is no way a medium can demand who shows up! I’ve conducted readings for people where absolutely everyone they wished for came through with messages and validations, whereas on the flip side, other readings have entailed receiving messages from the most unlikely of sources! It’s important to be open-minded and more than anything, not disappointed if those who you are wanting to connect with don’t come through. It DOES NOT mean that they are not around you….

So, how can you look for signs that your loved one is still around? Spirits work in the most wonderful ways where they can make many extraordinary things happen! As signs of validation that they are with us they often get our attention with the following things:

*Coins (normally 5 or 10c pieces) *Feathers * Birds *Music *Interfering with electrical items including lights and televisions


Rest assured that your loved one is safe and looking out for you, however take comfort in knowing that even though they are always with us, they are not with us 24/7! What this means is that you can shower and go to the bathroom in peace, without having to worry about who is watching you! I like to think of it like Instagram or Facebook, where, yes you may have all of these connections who you have access to communicating with, however you are not conversing with them at every minute of the day.

With regards to religious beliefs, and if all spirits go to the same place, I heard John Edward say this once before, and I couldn’t say it any better myself “We’re all going to the same destination, just flying different airlines”.

Love & Light xx Sandra Stoitis xx