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Developing Your Intuition - Why This Is Something You NEED To Work On.


Intuition = The level of awareness that is beyond a logical process

How I describe it = When you know something but you don’t know how you know....

Steve Jobs once said that “Intuition is more powerful than intellect” so who am I to disagree? The truth is, I don’t disagree. In actual fact, I couldn’t agree more. I believe that listening to our intuition is the greatest thing we can do, which is why it still baffles me when I listen to people say things like “I knew I should have….” or “I should’ve listened to my gut”.

Here’s the thing, we are all intuitive and to some degree, have the capacity to further develop our psychic abilities, it just comes down to one thing – removing our ego. Don’t get me wrong, our ego can be a good thing – it can build our confidence, increase our self-belief and propel us towards happiness and success. These are examples when the ego is working with us and we use it strategically. It’s when we allow the ego to be self-destructive and manifest fear and anxiety within us that we need to let it go.


By removing these barriers that exist within our minds, we are opening ourselves up to understanding the logical process of doing things, however we will listen to those fleeting thoughts that give us instant focus.

These are the thoughts that just pop up, almost as if out of no-where. Those emotional energies that we pick up from others. Those pieces of information we know about people, without understanding how or why we know these things.

Some of us (I fall into this category) are born naturally sensitive to energies whereas for others, intuition is something that lives inside but is unsure how to reveal itself to you. I can tell you many stories that got me into trouble as a youngster because I would say what I thought everyone knew. Well truth be told, what I knew was not common knowledge and people would be far from impressed with me to say the least. These are stories for another time though and I am starting to get side-tracked……

So, now that we know that we need to put our destructive ego to one side, and we all have the ability to increase our intuition how do we go about developing our intuition? It starts with connecting the mind and body to access your souls’ frequency. You can start this process with meditation, as this is the first stage of learning how to manage your mind. Meditation allows your mind to rest, recover and recharge which in time, can manifest positive physical change within your body. You can mediate for as little as 10 minutes per day, alone or with a group and by doing this you are allowing your body’s energies to vibrate at a higher level, making it easier for your intuition to be heard. Spend a few moments each and every day to be mindful. Wikipedia defines mindfulness as being “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment”. To keep it simple, it really just means bring your focus on the right here and right now. Appreciate the present moment, without allowing your mind to wander off the current focal point. In time, this practice will encourage you to just be.

Honour yourself with a Reiki treatment. Reiki is a term used to describe ‘energy healing’ and is an amazing way to remove any blockages within the mind and body. Reiki treats the mind, emotions, body and spirit and has many beneficial effects which include relaxation, feelings of peace and well-being. By allowing life force energy to flow freely and with ease throughout your body, you are allowing your soul to heal and you will be more connected with your intuition.

The key with all of these things is that you must be prepared to step outside your comfort zone in order to feel your deepest sense of self. TO HEAL, YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO FEEL. Release any fear, shame, judgement and anxiety from the past and present and be ready for the present moment.

Points to remember:

  • TRUST the process. Your internal ‘trust’ will allow you to evolve throughout your journey. Life becomes more natural when you start listening to your intuition. Decisions will become easier to make.

  • Put yourself first without feeling guilty. Others will try to enforce their values and beliefs on to you, however you have control of the decisions you make.

  • FEEL the emotions you experience. Don’t try to brush them off. Your feelings will allow you to grow, develop and evolve.

  • Be prepared to let go of things that are not serving you a higher purpose.

Use the power of your intuition to guide and improve your life. Eradicate barriers in your life which are formed from fear and ego, whilst listening to your inner voice. If you do this, you will live a fulfilling life and you will no longer need to say “If only I listened to my intuition”.

Love & Light xx Sandra Stoitis xx