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Time to Organise Your Life - 10 Awesome Life Hacks to Get You Sorted!

OK, so here's the thing: I love to be organised. I love the feeling you get. I love creating lists and ticking off the to-do tasks as I go. I love planning ahead and I just love organising things in general. I'm the person who once sent out a 'save-the-date' for my birthday 5 months ahead - a bit extreme I admit! Which sort of leads me to another thing you should know about me - I am also an extremist. What I mean by this is:

a) Yes I may be completely and totally organised in every day life, however...

b) I am also super spontaneous and a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda gal.

I think it's a nice balance....

People often ask how I can be so organised and at first I didn't really know the answer - it's just how I am. Which got me thinking 'what do I actually do?' - here's what I came up with...

10 awesome life hacks to get you sorted!

1. Even if you have a really great memory - chances are you will forget something. Don't

leave it to chance and start writing things down - from to-do lists, to birthdays to events and shopping lists! Keep your list or journal close to you at all times, so you can look back on it when you're starting to feel forgetful!

2. Start putting things where they belong... Sounds simple right? Because it actually is! When you're tempted to just throw your towel on the bedroom floor instead of in the laundry basket where it belongs, say to yourself 'does this live here or will I have to eventually move it anyway?' - if you need to move it again, save yourself the time and energy by doing it straight off the bat!

3. Point 2 actually leads into this one....clean up regularly.

Rather than leave all of your housework for 1 day, break it up and attack it in small chunks. I find this really helps because if you're anything like me, why would you want to spend your weekend cleaning?

Allocate 15-20 minutes per day for those do-able tasks - not only will your house be clean in no time, it will also stop you from de-cluttering!

4. Recycle, sell or donate. Are you seriously going to wear that jacket from 2002 that still has the tag on? Unless you have a very good reason to keep it, donate it! If your closet is full of stuff like this, or your bookshelf or cupboards are full, see how you can create some space.

Donate items to a charity, sell on Gumtree or E-bay and earn a little extra cash! They could be put to so much better use than remaining un-loved in your home.

5. Donate then replace. I like this one as it kinda makes you feel less guilty for buying something new. Before you make the purchase, donate or throw out something old that you don't use. It makes you think about what you're buying before you actually do so.

6. Create a budget and stick to it! I know, easier said than done right. The trick here is not to complicate things. I recently implemented a budget / savings plan which goes a little something like this: 50% of your wages go towards bills; 30% goes towards luxury items and 20% goes into your savings account. Once I started to break it down like this, I found it didn't restrict me from my purchasing things that I wanted, nor did it stop me from actually saving! Once your finances are organised, you start to feel less cluttered within and this shows in the space around you!

7. Prep things early. How many times do you find yourself buying a morning coffee on the go followed my lunch at the local cafe because you simply ran out of time to make it in the morning? Every day? Most days? If you start prepping your lunch the night before, not only will you be organised in the morning but you'll also be saving a heap of money. Salads can be packed a day ahead with dressing stored in a separate container. Prep bulk meals including soups and stir-frys days ahead and refrigerate or freeze for early morning grab-and-go convenience! That should give you enough time to make your coffee before you leave!

8. Do one thing at a time... This one really doesn't need all that much explaining. Rather than start all 7 things on your to-do list at once, start one thing and finish it before moving on to the next!

9. Don't feel obliged to say yes all the time. There are times (and we've all done it) when we agree to do something, go somewhere or help someone out when we really don't have the time to do it. We feel bad to say no, so instead, we say yes,try to squeeze it all in by rushing around like crazy only to not finish anything properly - or if we do, we've sacrificed what needed to be done for ourselves. It's OK to say no. When you honestly can't commit, it's best to be open and honest to start with. If you really struggle with this, learn saying something along the lines of "I would love to help you with that. I'm not going to be available on (insert day/time they requested) however I can help you on (insert day /time that is suitable!)...Best of both worlds and if they say that won't be suitable - that's their decision!

10. Do it now. If it can be done now - why wait? I personally don't believe in things like new year resolutions because I think - why wait until then if I want to do something or start something? Same goes for everyday things - if you really need to wash your car and you've been putting it off - just do it now. It needs to be done eventually and you'll spend less time thinking about it if you just go ahead and get it done. You'll feel accomplished once you've done it and you'll free up the time that you had initially allocated.

So these are just 10 ways I try to keep my life organised!

For me, my time is sacred, so whatever I can do to give myself more time doing what I love - I do!

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx