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A-Z Of Interpreting Your Dreams - What Do They Really Mean?

I'm often asked 'what does my dream mean' and to be honest, there's always more than one answer, depending on what's happening in your life at the time.

Dreams are thought to be a way in which our subconscious mind comes to the surface to provide an insight to our emotional, physical and mental states. Sometimes our dreams are completely vivid and they feel like an actual moment in time rather than a dream; however studies have shown that most of us actually forget 95% - 99% of our dreams each night!

This guide is just that - a guide to help you interpret your dreams with some of the most commonly discussed themes - from A to Z!

Abduction - dreaming of being abducted is symbolic of being manipulated by someone or by your circumstances - lacking control in your life. If you witness an abduction in your dreams, this represents you are feeling helpless. If you are the person abducting someone else, this is reflective of something that you are holding on to and it is time to let go.

Babies - dreaming of babies has sooooo many interpretations. I'll try to break them down for you.

To see a baby in your dreams signifies innocence, warmth and new beginnings. Dreaming of holding a baby is equal to holding on to a an earlier part of your life where you felt more needed or depended on.

A crying baby represents a part of you which requires more attention.

Dreaming of rescuing a baby shows that you are vulnerable and you accept help from others.

Having a baby in your dream can reflect a new situation in your life or a new beginning.

Cake - to see a cake in your dreams reflects that you must learn to share your workload rather than take it all on yourself. If the cake is partially eaten, it may represent a missed opportunity.

Dreaming - to dream that you are dreaming shows that you are extremely worried or anxious about a situation that you are currently facing - it also acts as a secondary layer of protection from what you are feeling.

Earrings - dreaming of losing an earring indicates that you are being misguided in some aspect of your life.

To dream of wearing earrings reflects that you should listen carefully and pay attention to a message that is trying to be conveyed to you.

If you are buying earrings in your dreams this represents your desire for acceptance and affection.

False Teeth - if you are wearing false teeth in your dream, this highlights that you are not being completely honest about something in your life.

If others are wearing false teeth - this represents deceit and someone in your life is not exactly who they say they are.

Ghosts - this is another theme which has many different interpretations.

To see a ghost represents something which is no longer within your reach and you are feeling disconnected with life. Take note of what the ghost is doing, as this could be a sign for you to move on from a current situation.

To see your own ghost reflects aspects of yourself that you fear - or it may be that you are holding on to the fear of death or dying.

To dream that you turn into a ghost symbolises that there is a situation which you are desperate to escape from.

Dreaming of being haunted by a ghost implies that you are not confront issues from your past which are interfering with your present life.

Handshake - this symbolises either a new beginning or an end to a situation.. Metaphorically you have reached a decision or have found a solution to a problem.

Icecream - Whether you see or are eating icecream, this symbolises good luck, success and satisfaction in life.

If the icecream is melting, this represents you may not be living up to your highest potential.

Jackpot - To see or win a jackpot implies you need to take a chance in life to reap the rewards, however, this could also signify you are too impulsive and are relying too much on fate.

Keychain - This reflects your ability to adapt to change and fit in with most situations with ease. To see a keychain signifies you get along well with most people.

Ladder - To dream that you are climbing a ladder represents you are striving for success and have reached a new level of achievement. Symbolically it reflects prosperity for all of your hard work.

Spiritually, a ladder implies a phase of higher awareness and looking at life from a different perspective.

To dream that you are walking under a ladder represents bad luck or that you are holding on to regrets regarding a decision you have made.

If you see yourself escaping by means of a ladder this highlights you will be successful after overcoming struggles and/or obstacles.

Market - To dream that you are in a marketplace symbolises an emotional or physical need that you are lacking in life. There may be an area of your life which needs nurturing and further attention.

Naked - If you dream of being naked, this signifies a fear of being exposed or misjudged. It could also reflect a fear of being found out and exposed over your activities. To dream of being naked and then covering yourself up shows that you are vulnerable and not accepting yourself for how you truly are.

Ocean - To see the ocean in your dreams is indicative of tranquility, spiritual growth and renewal. The ocean signifies you feel empowered and have a positive outlook in life. If the ocean is rough, the dream represents some form of emotional turmoil and you are trying your best to handle life's ups and downs.

Peacock - A peacock in your dream represents love, longevity and new growth. It is symbolic of success and contentment in your relationships and/or career. As the peacock represents pride, prestige and vanity, it could also suggest you are being overly arrogant with your achievements.

Quote - To be given a quote in your dreams highlights the value you attribute to your talents and abilities.

Raft - To see a raft in your dreams indicates that there is still much work ahead for you, as you are yet to build the foundations for your success. To dream that you floating on a raft, suggests that you are unsure of the direction you are headed and are simply drifting through life. If you are rafting in the rapids, this reflects you are facing turbulent times and you should be prepared.

Salon - To dream you are at the salon signifies you may be overly concerned with your appearance and material possessions. It could suggest that you are trying too hard to impress others.

The salon could also reflect a new lease on life or positive outlook if you are going through changes in your life.

Teacups - Seeing teacups in your dreams is a suggestion that

you need to be more spiritual. It is also a wake up call to pay attention to what is happening around you.

Sipping tea from a dirty teacup is a message to save money.

To dream of tea leafs represents good profits in business or a financial windfall.

To dream of someone reading your teacup signifies healthy babies.

Umbrella - To see an umbrella is representative of emotional security - you are trying to avoid dealing with your emotions and are putting up an emotional shield.

Victim - To dream that you are a victim signifies you are being overpowered by others in life. These types of dreams suggest you are feeling helpless and powerless in a particular life situation.

Wedding - Another one with many interpretations!

To attend a wedding reflects a new beginning in your life and you are embracing change.

To dream that you are late attending a wedding, suggests that you feel left behind while others are moving forward in life.

If you are at a wedding which turns into a disaster, this is reflective of a negative situation in your life which you need to address immediately.

To dream that you are marrying your current spouse again, signifies domestic bliss and your strong commitment to each other. This could also represent a new transition in your lives - such as parenthood or a new home etc.

X-Ray - To see yourself being x-rayed signifies you are being deceived by a person or a current situation - you need to look beneath the surface of the person or situation to uncover the truth.

Yoga - This dream could have two possible meanings.

Firstly, you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and this is a sign you need to slow down and take a breather.

On the other hand this could reflect that you have complete control of your mind and body as you are in perfect balance and harmony.

Reflect on your current life situation to determine which meaning is relevant for you.

Zen - To dream of being zen symbolises your desire for spiritual growth and harmony. This dream highlights you are striving for peace within yourself and you should consider practicing meditation or activities which promote peace and tranquility.

So there you have it - just a few meanings of some of the most commonly asked questions relating to the A to Z of dreams!

I could have gone on for hours creating an entire list but thought it would be best to keep it short and sweet!

If there is a particular meaning of a dream that I didn't cover here please reach out and I will be happy to share my interpretation with you!

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx