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The BEST Feng Shui Plants For Your Home Or Office!

Not only are plants gorgeous to look at, they can also assist in creating a positive flow of energy in the home or office. Not only will this blog help you decide which plants are the best options for you, I'll also share with you some Feng Shui info to make sure you place them in the most auspicious spaces!

Lucky Bamboo has been known to be a plant of good fortune and prosperity throughout Asia for thousands of years.With direct association with the 'wood' element (as all plants are), this is known to increase our vitality and physical activity and directly influence our energy levels. It is a calming plant which also brings wise energy into the home or office. The best location for your Lucky Bamboo plant is in your Wealth & Money or Health & Family bagua areas. (A Bagua is the Feng Shui map of your home, whereby your home is divided into different areas representing different parts of your life - See the chart at the bottom of this section).

*This chart is based on the Western bagua, where the Wealth & Money area is situated at the mid left and upper left areas of your home.

Keep in mind the number of bamboo stalks also has influence on various areas of your life:

2 stalks is for love and marriage

3 stalks is for happiness

5 stalks is for health

8 stalks is for wealth and prosperity

9 stalks is for good fortune

You may think of Aloe Vera for it's healing and medicinal benefits, however it is important to remember that this is a fantastic plant for attracting prosperity and positive energy anywhere that it is located.

With the energy that it releases, this is a great plant for fighting off negative vibes and bad luck.

The plant can be used anywhere in the home or office, providing it has access to artificial light or indirect sunlight. It does need to be watered regularly so please keep this in mind before you adopt this plant!

Jasmine is a delicate plant which has many soothing properties. It is sweet-smelling flowering plant which produces pale yellow petals.

It attracts positivity, promotes tranquility and is known to:

* strengthen relationships

* build romance

* ease stress

*relieve an anxious mind

* promote a good night's sleep

Referring to the above bagua, the best location for this plant is in the Marriage & Relationship area of the home. It is an ideal plant for the bedroom or placed near a South-facing window.

It's also absolutely stunning to have around!

The Money Tree has a number of more technical names including Epipremnum Aureum, Ivy Arum, Silver Vine & Golden Pothos to name a few! If you can't find the Money Tree, a Jade Plant will do the trick! The energy flow of the plant attracts good luck and brings health and prosperity. It also eases stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.

In Feng Shui, the energy of the money tree is in its roots; a deeply-rooted growing energy that you would like to emulate in all areas of your life. To bring health, wealth and prosperity the plant's shoot should be pointing upwards.

This plant is best placed in the South-East corner of your home (again, in the Wealth & Money bagua area). If this plant is for your office it is ideal right beside the front door, as it is attracting good fortune. Similarly if it is going into a shop, keep it close to your cash register! Make sure that you don't over-water this one!


Can you really get more peaceful than the Peace Lily? I absolutely love this plant and all that it promotes:

* Spiritual / mental & physical prosperity

* Purifies the air by neutralising pollutants (a fact from NASA)

* Removes mould from the air

* Creates tranquility

* Assists clear breathing

This plant grows well in shaded environments and needs to be kept away from direct light.

To reduce the positive ions surrounding electrical equipment the Peace Lily can be placed near your mainstream electrical goods like televisions, computers and microwaves.

To promote a peaceful and restful sleep, this is a great one for the bedroom.

Placing this plant in the bathroom, laundry or damp areas of the home will assist in removing mold for the air.

Finally, for the office, this is best placed in a shaded corner or close to the entrance!

Magnolia's are considered to be a flower of prosperity and wealth and the White Magnolia is symbolic of purity, truth and love. Magnolia's promote contentment and satisfaction allowing you to appreciate your surroundings while bringing a calming energy into the space.

This is a really beautiful plant which is perfect for the living room or any meditative space, however keep in mind this beauty does require plenty of direct sunlight - so make sure the space is light, bright and airy!

Finally, Orchids - this beautiful flower is a symbol of excellence in all areas of life - it represents abundance, beauty, purity and spiritual growth.

The presence of Orchids in the house promotes happy emotions, heightens the sense of life satisfaction and brings positivity to the area. Having Orchids as indoor plants in the home or office, creates a more-welcoming space and creates an atmosphere of luck and happiness. Did you know...In China, Orchids symbolize wealth, elegance and protection.

This beautiful plant can be placed in many areas of your home or office, and each space will bring about it's own positivity!

Referring to the above bagua:

* In the North-West this will foster a strong relationship with your guests or business partners * In the North this will assist in making your relationships or business more successful * In the South-East this will bring abundance and good luck.

So there you have it, 7 beautiful plants and flowers that promote positive energy to flow throughout your home or office!

Please be sure to research how to care for your plants according the environment that they require.

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx