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How to Create the Life You Desire!

Creating manifestations, or designing the life you desire...sound difficult? Sound impossible? Well I am here to tell you it's not!

Each day, we wake up, get started with our routine and our energy dictates the kind of day we are going to have.

How many times have you woken up late, skipped breakfast, lost your car keys and then got stuck in traffic, only to say to yourself 'it's going to be one of those days?' Many times I bet! The next part of this point is, when you get to work late and the day starts to throw challenges your way - how many times do you say to yourself 'I knew today was going to be one of those days'. That's because your energy has set the tone for the type of day you'll have - or in other words you (inadvertently) set the intention that 'today is going to be one of those days where nothing goes right' and it doesn't! This completely reflects the power of energy and shows that it is possible to manifest the type of day you'll have and the energy and behaviours you attract.

So how can you manifest to create the life you desire?

These 8 simple steps will be a sure fire way to get you started!

1. Remove the need for perfection As there is no such thing as perfection, how can you strive for something that doesn’t exist? Learning to let go of the idea of perfection can be one of the most liberating experiences you will have. By doing so, you create a space for non-judgement and frees up your energy for things to manifest in divine timing.

2. Remove negative language behaviours Replace the following words from your vocabulary: Hate; It’s Always; Everything’s Always; That’s Impossible; I Can’t; It Won’t Happen etc These are limiting statements which prevent you from being open to possibilities that divine things can manifest for you and present in your life.

3. Replace unhealthy food with vibrant, nutrient-rich foods The type of fuel you put in to your body is a direct reflection of how your mind and body will function. By eating foods that are vibrant, colourful and rich in nutrients, you amplify your manifesting abilities. These types of foods allow your vibration to be raised and the higher and lighter your vibration – the more flow you will have in your life.

4. Get more sleep! Your mind, body and soul need adequate time to re-charge so if you are getting at least 8 hours sleep per night you will be more inclined to thrive during the day. This ensures the vibrations you radiate will allow you to attract your desires.

5. Lighten Up! Try to become less defensive when someone pushes your buttons. This is the egos way of ‘protecting’ you when in actual fact it is causing more stress. Stand back, take a deep breath and when you feel you are becoming defensive say to yourself “ I will not allow this moment to interfere with my natural state of beautiful alignment”. This will allow you to remain in the present moment, freeing up time, space and energy to manifest your desires.

6. Give up trying to change others Firstly, it is not your place to do so. Secondly, it can be an almost impossible task to do. When you stop trying to change others, you free up time to focus on yourself and how you can create the life you desire.

7. Communicate your TRUTH You are allowed to express yourself in any way that you choose. Be aware though that if your intentions are not clear, the Universe will respond accordingly. Speaking your truth is a way of taking care of yourself and showing self-love. When you manifest with truth and articulate all that you desire with belief and conviction, you are not allowing space for anything else to get in the way.

8. Manifest your desire without believing that your happiness is a destination Just remember that RIGHT NOW is all that we have. This moment in time, cannot be replaced. It cannot be returned. Happiness is all about the journey so manifest all that you desire, however, enjoy the process of achieving it.

Creating an Altar for Manifestations

Set Your Intention: Be completely clear and sure about what it is you want to manifest. Visualize how it looks, and feels exactly, when you are there. Ask and answer this question to yourself: What feelings do I have access to when I have healed or manifested this thing into my life?

The Obstacle: Be aware of what has, in the past, kept you from healing or manifesting this thing into your life. Be honest with yourself. Is it fear?

How to Create Your Own Altar: To make your own altar you need to collect symbols that tell a story about what you wish to heal or manifest into your life. Choose symbols that have a look that speaks to your soul. Your soul likes to be happy and feel joyful! Part of making altars is also to make them as beautiful as possible. The idea is that you want to give the altar as much attention and love as possible.

Symbols: There are the symbols that are universal like the Star (represents our higher self, our soul) , the Heart (represents compassion and love), the Feather (represents healing) and so on. When you use them, you tap into collective consciousness and to the energy that each universal symbol represent. You also want to apply personal symbols that remind you of the exact thing you want to heal or manifest. For instance, if you want to manifest a trip around the world, you can apply different travel memorabilia that gives you the feeling of traveling.

You can find crystals to support the energy, and apply a plant to symbolize growth on the altar.

Place your altar on a tray to focus the energy. Place it in a spot in your home where you often see it, and pass by it, and never in the windowsill, because the energy here, belongs to the outside.

And then meditate with each thing in your hands and make a little ritual where you, through the power of thought place the right intentions into each thing in your altar.

You can use your altar everyday with little personal visualizations and rituals of meditation, to bring yourself closer to your dreams, and prepare yourself for what is coming.

Remember, your manifestations are just that - YOURS! There are no limits to what you can create. The only limits that exist are the ones you set so dream big, make it happen, inspire others and love the life you live!

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx