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Create a Mentality of Abundance

Abundance. It's a word that refers to having plenty of something. A very large quantity to be precise. It almost gives the impression of excess. So can you see why there can be a negative connotation to using this particular word and how our perceptions may be causing abundance blockages within us? Personally, I have experienced these blockages in the past and let me tell you - they serve no purpose!

What are these abundance blockages? They can manifest and appear in many different ways - here are some of the most common: Fear of Rejection, Blame, Fear of Failure, Self-Sabotage, Resistance to Change, Fear of Success, Fear of Criticism and Unclear Values & Beliefs.

Does this sound like you? Well it certainly sounded like me a few years ago. In fact out of the 10 Abundance Blockages I described above, I was experiencing 6 of them. I know I said it before, but other than creating stress and anxiety and generating more fears - they served absolutely no purpose (and NONE of these were positive).

So how can you remove these blockages to create a mentality of abundance? I'm here to help you do just this, but first things first.

The Fear of Rejection actually attracts more rejection into your life. How does it do this? It blocks out the things you really do want in life simply because your ego starts to defend you from the potential rejection. Each day, start your morning with a positive affirmation such as this "Today I choose to free myself from the fear of rejection". Positive affirmations are statements said with confidence about a perceived truth. The way this works is simple - the affirmation has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept, however the process takes time and you do need to commit to the journey. What I love about this affirmation in particular is that it completely empowers you - you are in control and you are making a choice to release this fear of rejection.

How many times do you find yourself blaming others for a situation that didn't turn out quite like you wanted it to?

This needs to stop! Blame is one of the most disempowering attitudes we can hold. When we blame someone or something, rather than looking within ourselves, we give away our power and shift into something called the 'victim mentality'. In the long term, avoiding responsibility for our actions is extremely destructive and

toxic to the health of our mind. To shift this mentality to one of attracting abundance, work with this positive affirmation "I allow the energy of blame to flow out of my body now!" This affirmation does not hold on to the negative ways in which blame is expressed, rather it is a powerful, positive and healing affirmation - the result of a mental re-frame.

Re-framing is a fantastic first step in creating a mentality of abundance and they are much easier than you may think!

Re-framing simply refers to seeing the same situation from a new perspective. For example, as a Life Coach I once worked with a client who was convinced he was too old to change career path and no-one would want to take the risk to hire him. His belief was "I'm too old". We re-framed that outlook to "Your experience and wisdom can add value to a new organisation". It didn't happen instantly but the shift did start to happen and within weeks his perspective had completely changed and he started applying for the jobs that he wanted. Re-framing your beliefs about potential failure are pivotal to creating a mentality of abundance. This is my favourite affirmation to work with when extinguishing a fear of failure (and you will see it's an awesome re-frame!) "My mind is becoming highly focused on success".

Just to show you how powerful taking a new perspective can be - check out this picture and what do you see?

A Duck or a Rabbit?

You may only see one at first, however a fresh outlook may open your mind to new possibilities and new ways of thinking!

Self-sabotage is when our behaviours start to interfere and create problems with our long-standing goals. Some of the most common self-sabotaging behaviours directly tie in with Fears of Failure and Fears of Success and include: procrastination, self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol and eating for comfort.

You can see that when our goals are compromised by these behaviours, we are not setting ourselves up for success with an abundance mentality. By shifting this mentality, you will find yourself to be much more positive and energetic, your mind will feel more aligned with your goals and you will just naturally go after your goals without hesitating. Some really great positive affirmations to try are: "I will go all out and achieve massive success" (future tense affirmation)

"My mind is aligned with my intentions" (present tense affirmation) - and - "I only think positive thoughts about myself and my goals" (neutral affirmation).

Change is one of those things that is completely unavoidable, yet there can be so many fears related to it.

We are naturally inclined to stay within our comfort zone as this induces a feeling of safety. But what are we missing out on from staying in this 'safe zone'? The answer is we don't actually know until we explore the possibilities and opportunities that are out there.

"All things in life change, and I adapt willingly and easily" - this affirmation works wonders to (firstly) accept that change is inevitable and (secondly) that there is no emotional or physical resistance to the change. Like the picture states - progress is impossible without change. Removing this abundance blockage is HUGE and will open so many new doors for you!

Another blockage which may be limiting your abundance mentality is where you Fear Criticism. For some of us, this fear is so big that at times, it feels like it has absolutely crushed us. This particular fear affects our creative nature and then leads to other fears (think fears of failure, self-sabotage etc...)

This is what I say to Fear of Criticism:

1. Everything that you like is disliked by someone else. Think of how many times you have told someone that you really enjoyed a movie or a book, only to have them tell you they couldn't stand it!

2. It's easier to critique something than to actually create something - so stop putting these critiquers' on a pedestal and giving their opinion so much weight! Back yourself and your work!

3. Don't give anyone else the power to determine how you feel...

If I was to ask you "What are your values and beliefs?" what would you say? Can you answer that quickly? Do the answers come to you after pondering for a while? Do you have absolutely no idea?

It's OK - I didn't know what mine were either until 2014! Well, I had some idea, but my daily life back then was conflicting with my core values and I couldn't work out why I was experiencing this inner turmoil. Long story short, I was able to work out what my core values and beliefs are and then I made changes to my life to reflect this. Just like that - inner turmoil gone!

If you're struggling with this, here is a really useful tool you can use to define your core values and in turn, create a mentality of abundance. (This exercise has been adapted from Taproot).

From this list below - choose and write down ALL of the core values that resonate with YOU.

Next, group together all of the similar values.

Finally, select ONE word from each of the groups that best represents the label for the ENTIRE group.

These are your core values! When you know you are and what you believe in, life becomes so much easier and you attract abundance in all that you do!

What I hope you take away from this article:

Understanding of how Abundance Blockages negatively impact your abundance mentality.

How to incorporate positive affirmations into your day.

How to re-frame situations to look from a new perspective.

Clear understanding of your core values & beliefs.

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx