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8 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home!

The Ancient Chinese feng shui principles reflect the idea that your living space is a direct representation of your life and by strategically moving/placing objects in particular areas, you are able to achieve the ultimate balance in life.

All objects are made of energy - also known as "chi" - and you can use this chi to bring luck, health, wealth and happiness into your life. Here are 8 easy to implement tips to help you get that positive energy flowing!

1) Clear Out The Clutter

As I said earlier, your living space reflects your life so a cluttered home equals a cluttered mind.

Having clutter around your home literally sucks up all the energy in that space and causes it to go stale. Stale energy means that the energy in your home is not able to circulate freely which causes your mind and body to also feel the negative effects. Free flowing energy creates room for positive vibes, abundance and good health! There's no excuse - clear out that clutter!

2) Bring The Outdoors In

Once your space is clean and clutter-free bring in elements of nature. Nature creates a sense of peace and tranquility and scientific evidence has shown viewing trees, plants and flowers not only reduces anger and anxiety but also enhances feelings of joy. Allow natural light to flood in and when possible, open doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate. Create space indoors for plants, bamboo and add textural items like stones, rocks, wood and wicker. If space is limited, there are miniature zen gardens which you can incorporate to promote serenity indoors.

3) The Importance Of Your Front Door

The front door (or the main entry point to your home) is very important in feng shui fundamentals. Your home's Chi obtains it's nourishment through your front door, so the stronger, more balanced and 'healthy' the front door - the better it is for everyone inside the home.

Here's what makes your front door strong:

a) Un-obstructed energy flow to the door

b) Clean and clutter-free pathway to entry

c) Love and attention - no peeling paint or rusty door knobs

d) Limited glass - glass is easily breakable and reduces the 'strength' of the door. Red is a fantastic feng shui colour for a front door, but I'm not suggesting you go and paint your door red! Instead, place some red-flowering plants outside or accent with red colours around the front door. Red attracts energy, good fortune and brings luck!

4) Stop Chi From Escaping!

That's right - energy can escape! How are you meant to benefit from the positive energy that flows through your front door if it beelines straight out the back door? Here's the thing, if you open your front door and there is a direct line to the back door or a window - your energy is escaping. You need the energy to run in a twisting or turning pattern so it can leave a trail of positivity throughout your home. If there is a direct line of sight from your front door to a back door or window, you can overcome this by strategically placing furniture or other decorative objects in the path. Rugs are also good as they slow down the flow of energy.

5) Strive for Balance With The Elements

The 5 elements in feng shui are: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The aim is to have something representing the elements in each room (important note - steer away from water elements in the bedroom as this can create restlessness, feelings of tension and not feeling grounded).

Working with the elements creates a sense of being grounded, centered and balanced in your life. To give you an example of how you can achieve this, place a wooden bowl filled with rocks or pebbles beside a vase filled with flowers. Alongside this, incorporate a candle and voila! Don't forget you can also work with colours which represent each of the elements:

Black & Blue = Water

Green & Brown = Wood

Red & Orange = Fire

Sandy Yellow, Light Brown & Tan = Earth

White & Grey = Metal

6) Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors are one of those things that you need to use wisely as they reflect energy. You don't want them to be reflecting anything low energy or negative such as rubbish bins or toilets - nor do you want them to be facing a window where they can 'bring the outside in'.

Mirrors in the bedroom should be placed with caution as when we rest, our body releases and lets go of all the things that are no longer serving us a higher purpose - if there is a mirror directly facing you, this energy is released, projected and directly returned to you.

When used in the correct areas, mirrors have many unique abilities - they can double or multiply the energy of an area and they can also disperse the incoming energy to its surroundings.

7) Family Photos

Just like mirrors, there are certain places where family photos belong and the bedroom isn't one of them. Having family photos in the lounge room, living area or dining space is fine, however the bedroom should be reserved for pictures of you and your partner. Your bedroom is considered your own personal oasis for rest, relaxation, intimacy and communication and it's thought that photos of your family, children or friends may cause you additional worry or anxiety as you think of your responsibilities and obligations. Basically, your mind will be thinking about others, when it should be thinking about yourself, your partner or resting.

8) Living Plants & Flowers

Living plants and flowers have their own chi and will continue to draw positive energy to them. Live flowers are always the number one choice for your home, as they bring about a strong healing energy; however if this is not an option for you - silk flowers are often used in feng shui too. The only thing you need to avoid are plastic plants or flowers!

Plants and flowers within the home can create balance, draw abundance and promote good health!

I hope you've enjoyed the read and have picked up a few tips which can make a massive difference to the energy of your home!

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx