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When The Universe Makes You Slow Down....

Lately, I feel like the 10 hats I wear increased to 20.

Who else can relate?

Rushing to get to work, focusing on doing my job to the best of my ability, rushing to get to my studio, dedicating time to my clients (before, during and after their sessions), rushing to get back home, spending quality time with our boys (2 Chocolate Labs), organising date nights for me and hubby, rushing to make dinner, rushing to eat dinner, trying to manage social media, writing my weekly blogs and meditations, managing my online store, and blah blah blah....

My 40 hour working weeks are usually 70 - 80 hours and at times, I still feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done!

So here's how the universe MADE me slow down....

At first it started a few weeks ago with the little things. For some reason, no matter where I was going, I would get EVERY SINGLE red light. I'm not talking one or two - I'm talking 7 or 8 in a row every time I would leave the house. And it wasn't just the red lights that were slowing me down - if there was a truck, a rubbish removal van, a bus or something else that causes delays - I found myself right behind them all, unable to do a thing about it.

At first I was like "OK Angels/Universe I get the hint, slow down" but then nothing would change and I'd be back to my usual routine of rushing....

The next thing that started happening was I kept bum

ping in to things. Now I'm a bit of a klutz at the best of times, but this was something else. I'd trip over slight steps, walk into tables and chairs, catch my toes on our coffee table leg, hit my head getting into and out of the car... seriously it was one thing after another. And do you think I slowed down? Nope. There were things that needed to be done and I certainly wasn't going to make myself fall behind...

Then it happened and it got me real good.

Illness strikes (and for me, it was just a few days before my birthday!)

Here's the thing, you don't need to be a genius to know that illness is always a sign from our bodies that something is wrong. It usually hits you after all of those niggling signs to slow down were ignored. You were tired, but kept going. So busy helping others to heal that you didn't give spare any time to heal yourself... you know the drill.

For me it got me in my right eye. It started with immense pressure pain and I just couldn't get any relief. I woke up and my eye was sticky and watery so instead of going straight to the pharmacy I went to work. After 2 hours I drove myself to the pharmacy where I was given special eye drops for conjunctivitis. I was advised that it's highly contagious and I needed to take a few days off. I obeyed, as I really didn't fancy sharing the love. The next afternoon (about 30 hours after starting the drops) my eye was red, inflamed and really sore - this certainly didn't look like something that was being healed with my eye drops.

Something didn't feel (or look) right so I went back to the pharmacy and was told that I was having an allergic reaction to the drops (as there was no bacterial infection - it was viral) and I needed to stop them immediately. Again I obeyed and decided if it wasn't any better in the morning I would go back to the doctor.

The next morning, my eye was throbbing, red and swollen and the doctor told me I had a condition known as Blepheritis and I needed to go on to cortisone eye drops immediately. Here's the best part - this all happened on the ONE MORNING I had booked in to use a massage voucher that I was given the previous birthday!!

It was the day before my birthday and the doctor actually said "you'll either be in hospital if these drops don't work, or you'll be having a pirate party". Neither was an option so I went to Revive Day Spa (sobbing and feeling sorry for myself) and they took one look at me and said, don't worry we'll reschedule your appointment (through all of this, missing my massage was my MAIN concern LOL!)

It doesn't end there....

Monday night - I started to lose my voice. My throat was dry and scratchy and I went to bed after a few soothing honey and lemon teas. I woke up at 4am to put my eye drops in and my throat was worse. Being me, I did a Chakra balance meditation to clear any blockages that may be causing this and laid in bed for the next few hours doing Reiki on myself. When I tried talking - there was no sound! My voice was totally gone! Intuitively I thought it may have something to do with the eye drops as I would get a funny taste in my throat each time I would put them in. Yep - one of the side effects is a burning sensation in the throat which can cause Laryngitis. So here I am in total silence and instead of releasing my blog I had prepared for tomorrow, I decided to write this - more so as a reminder NOT TO IGNORE SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE!

When you feel like you need to slow down - you do.

Don't ignore the small things as more often than not, they can prevent the big things from happening!

Love & Light

xx Sandra xx