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Dear 16 Year Old Me...This Is My Advice To You...

Dear 16 year old Me....

You're doing a great job.

All that stuff that you think is really important - it's not. Well it kinda is but it depends on what your talking about.

Your friends - they're important - in fact, 20 years from now you'll still be hanging out with many of them! One of them you'll marry!

I know right?!?!

Family will still mean the world to you and all those times where you get frustrated at your Nonna for telling you to eat more, put another jacket on, stop wearing thongs and take off that black nail polish - well, there will come a day where you would wish you could hear all of those things over and over again. At this stage you know you will miss her when she's not around anymore but you have no idea on the impact she will have on your life. Sandra - don't take your loved ones for granted. Ever.

School - you'll be fine. Just do your best and no matter what, always follow your gut and it will lead you to the right place. You'll actually graduate year 12 with straight A's without having to compromise all the subjects you're passionate about, so again, do what's right for you and don't stress about TEE (in the future they'll be calling it ATAR)...

Your ability to 'know' things will become greater and greater over time. Use this to your advantage now! Your dreams and visions are forewarning and are simply here to protect you - there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they will save you from car accidents and terrible encounters in the future.

Those shadows you see, you'll become better at connecting with them....In just a few years from now you'll be passing on messages to others who have lost loved ones....

17 years from now you'll work with a hypnotherapist who will help you sleep. If you fancy sleeping earlier - go and see a hypnotherapist sooner!

Sandra, always be yourself - don't try to change who you are for anybody. People will love and respect you for YOU - so don't compete and compare otherwise it will take you until you're 30 to learn this!

Here's the important thing 16 year old Sandra... this is huge so please listen carefully. In less than a year from now you will go through one of the most life-changing events you could think of. One of your best friends will pass away from leukaemia and it will still affect you 17 years later. You develop a huge fear that you too will get leukaemia and for the next 18 months every time you have a headache, fever, body pain or cold, you will think (sometimes out loud, sometimes silently) "that's it, I'm going to get leukaemia and die too".... Sandra please listen to me... the power of the mind is HUGE. The power of manifestation is HUGE. The power of what the universe delivers to us is HUGE.

So huge that by the age of 23 you will be diagnosed with a rare bone marrow mutation. It's not until you hear the words "it's a type of leukaemia that's not in the leukaemic phase" that you actually realise what you have done. You have allowed fear to drive everything in your life and by putting the words, the feelings and the belief out there, you actually manifested something bigger than you could've imagined.

You'll spend the next 11 years working on yourself, healing yourself (as much as you can) and through this, you will learn to heal others and will teach them how to heal themselves too.

You will continue to say "everything happens for a reason, even if we don't know what that reason is right now".

One of your biggest driving forces in life is to live life to the fullest and you will do this on a daily basis, so don't change a thing!

And that guy you marry from school - you two will spend your time traveling the world together, so hang in there! You will get to go to the Eiffel Tower, watch countless shows on Broadway and yes, you will meet Al Pacino! The best part is you'll do it with your hubby by your side! Oh, and one more know how you go through the shopping isles with your mum pretending you need to buy dog food for your "chocolate Labrador, Sampson" - well, you do end up with a chocolate lab called Sampson! You actually end up with 2 and they are so much better than your make believe version!

Sandra, other than what I've shared with you, the only advice I'll give you is to drink more water!

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx