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Crystals To Help You Slow Down & Enjoy Life

Do you ever feel like your life is a movie constantly stuck on fast forward? When you ask how someone is these days the usual response is 'busy'. Yes, we're all busy - we're all wearing numerous hats and trying to juggle as many things as possible but what are we doing to slow down and actually enjoy life?

If you feel like you're missing the point in getting from A to B, here are some of my favourite crystals to help you slow down and enjoy the ride!


Just look at these colours! Simply stunning and the healing properties are intense!

  • Amplifies joy, happiness & security.

  • Eases tension and releases stress and pressure, slowing down the mind and body.

  • Strengthens intellect and heals problems associated with the brain.

  • Increases telepathy, the ability to live in the present moment and generates euphoria.


A stone which guides you through times of change.

  • Eliminates confusion and allows you to prioritise.

  • Creates emotional balance.

  • Reduces depression and brings about positivity.

  • Amplifies happiness, hope and courage.

Purple Howlite

Not only is this one of the prettiest stones to look at, what it can assist with is phenomenal!

  • Aids in calm and reasoned communication in times of stress.

  • Teaches patience and assists in eliminating rage.

  • Calming - an antidote for an overactive mind.

  • Formulates ambition and teaches you to search for happiness within.


This is a stone which dates back to ancient times and is still knows as the stone for health, wealth and happiness.

  • Provides endurance and peacefulness.

  • Increases ability of expression and flexibility.

  • Calms, heals, purifies and comforts.

  • Reduces negativity.

  • Beams courage, love and wisdom.


Sometimes known as 'fools gold' but I assure you, this stone is no fool!

  • Brings a positive view towards life.

  • Eases pressure and feelings of hopelessness.

  • Eliminates anxiety and stress.

  • Strengthens desire.

  • Encourages working harmoniously with others.

Work with your crystals during meditation or keep them in your bag, car or bedside table. Once they are infused with your energy, they will work for you, delivering all of their healing properties. If you're new to crystals, be sure to follow the next few steps - this is really important!

Cleanse: Purify your stone by placing it in a small bowl with water and 1 Tablespoon of rock salt (my fave is Pink Himalayan, but any rock salt will do). Keep it in there for around 30 minutes and then rinse it under running water.

Activate: Charge your crystal by placing it in direct moonlight, sunlight or burying it into the Earth. Allow it to activate for at least 1 hour and then hold the stone in your hand saying something along the lines of ""I intend for this crystal to be effective for healing in light and love for the highest and greatest good of all"

After this process, your crystals are ready for use! Just remember if anyone else touches your crystal, you will need to repeat the cleanse and activation process again due to the transfer of energy.

As we approach the end of the year (or as some people refer to it as the 'silly season') remember to breathe and take the pace off life. Enjoy the moment and show gratitude for all that you have! Living in the present and actually being content with where you're at and what you have is the absolute key to happiness.

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx