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Feeling Stuck? It's Time For A Transformation!

The last few weeks I've had most of my clients use this same phrase... "I'm feeling stuck"...

When I've asked what this means, these are the responses I've received:

I don't know what I want

Life is chaotic

It's like I'm blocked

I'm just not motivated

There's a heaviness surrounding me and I don't know what to do

I'm in a rut

There's so much going on, where do I start....

Sound familiar?

You're not alone.

The first thing to understand is how you are becoming stuck and I'm here to share with you 5 ways which explain how you've reached this point.


In other words, you have a fear or reluctance of change.

When you are so engrossed in the daily routine of life you can develop a safety zone (aka comfort zone) and sometimes its easier to stay in this zone rather than stepping out and seeing what else the world can offer.

Think of it like this - there's something you really want to do... but to do it would require changes and/or sacrifices to your know you want to do it but you are not willing to make the changes required because 'what if it doesn't work out....' Fear of change is subtle - it stops you from taking any action at all and operates under the radar of convincing you that it's there to keep you safe and protect you. In reality, it's an underlying cause for much stress and anxiety and causes so much confusion that it leaves you actually questioning what it is that you want!


This is the term for when you feel like you are going through the motions of life without direction or purpose and you are simply not motivated to find an alternative route.

Much like the above, the comfort zone steps in and says things like 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't' and prevents you from fulfilling your true purpose in life. For many of us, we need to learn the same life lessons over and over again before we reach the point of drastic change. Take me for example, I was in recruitment for 7 years, yes, 7 years before I finally had the motivation to do something that I truly loved. I had run my holistic health business on the side for the better part of those years, but there was something so freeing about leaving to do what I was put on this Earth for!

If this sounds like you, please, I urge you - don't wait 7 years!

Once you are committed about what it is that you need to do, the motivation will come and you will thrive!


Have you ever stopped to think that maybe there are so many new possibilities you may be feeling overwhelmed?

This could be the reason behind your limited outlook, which is causing you to become unwilling in considering alternative ideas, perspectives or thoughts...

To develop more of a positive and open-minded outlook try these tips:

* Embrace the unknown - start saying yes to things more often!

* Catch yourself in a negative response and re-frame the situation.

* Look at your situation as though you are an outsider - it's amazing what advice you would give yourself!

* Mix up your routine - try something new to get you looking at the world differently. It won't take long for you to see and feel the benefits!

* Listen.... really listen when people speak. Sometimes we can be so quick to judge or gather an opinion that we close off the possibilities of learning new things and opening new doors for us.


We all know this type of person - the one who does it all by themselves and refuses or is unable to ask for help.

This can cause you to get stuck pretty quickly. Suddenly, life becomes so chaotic you don't know if you're coming or going or where you need to be at what time. Whatever the reasons behind this (pride, fear, you don't want to appear that you can't cope etc...) put them to one side and ask for assistance. Not only will you feel relieved, you'll be more organised and will find more time to prioritize the really important things.


Are you simply being stalled by the details?

Are you looking at every single possible variable and outcome?

It's easy to get bogged down and start to feel blocked when analysis paralysis takes over. Your decision making ability becomes so hindered that in the end no action is ever taken - think, self-sabotage.

The downside here is that the habit of over-analysing not only affects you on an emotional level, but also mentally and physically.

How to turn things around?

* Set short time limits on your decisions.

* Get a good start to your day - breathe, meditate and exercise to set you up for success.

* Single task - don't give yourself too many things to do at once.

* Become a person of action - small steps forward only thinking about one small step at a time.

* Become mindful - really live each moment in the present and have gratitude for all the things you have.

* Change your social surroundings (if necessary).

Find ways to spend more of your time with people that have a positive effect on your thinking and less time on the influences that tend to strengthen your overthinking habit.

I hope this article has resonated with you and you are already starting to feel 'unstuck'.

Remember, we are all works in progress so be kind to yourself and start with one small step at a time.

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx