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15 Easy Wellness Tips for 2018

As we start to approach the end of 2017, many people will feel the need to make 'New Years' Resolutions'. Me - not so much. I don't believe in them. I've always had the belief that if you can start something today, why wait? Especially when that something is going to be making a positive impact on your health and well-being.

Lets be honest, how many people start the New Year by saying their aim is to not go to the gym? NONE. How many people say they're going to gain weight and spend less time for themselves? ZERO again! See the trend....Here are a few easy wellness tips that will set you up for success throughout all of 2018 - not just the new year!

1) Drink more water! Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure your mind and body feel refreshed and energised.

2) Eat breakfast - start the day right and it will lead to a day of success.

3) Add 10 minutes of exercise to your day. Whether you already have an exercise routine or are simply starting out - adding 10 minutes to your day will see you reap the benefits throughout the year.

4) Go to bed 10 minutes earlier. Even if you don't sleep for those additional 10 minutes, you will feel more grounded and calm before it's time to close those eyelids.

5) Reduce your screen time. With so much time spent in front of computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles, find a way to replace these habits with more interactive and physical activities.

6) Work on improving your posture. Your spine is your entire support frame and bad posture can negatively impact your mental and physical health. Keep your shoulders back and stop yourself from slouching!

7) Spend a few moments each day practicing gratitude. Be mindful of your thoughts and take the time to appreciate all that you have and the important people in your life.

8) Commit to one stress-relieving activity each day...Find something that feels relaxing and before you know it, you'll see and feel the benefits in your overall well-being.

9) Put aside $10 per week - at the end of the year you'll have an extra $520 to treat yourself with!

10) Get moving more. If you find yourself predominantly sitting throughout the day, find a way to stand up more, stretch or take a quick walk. If this isn't possible while at work, spend some time on your lunch break walking and moving around. Physical activity will release positive endorphin's which will make you feel happier and re-energised.

11) Put yourself first. Taking care of Numero Uno will ensure you have the energy to take care of others. Kick guilt to the curb and regularly commit to taking time-out just for you!

12) Spend more time with loved ones. We all lead lifestyles that pull us in numerous directions - the key is to achieve balance in scheduling in quality time. Catching up with key people will relieve stress by encouraging laughter and relaxation.

13) Learn 5 simple 'go-to' recipes. These are the beauties that will stop you from relying on take-away on an evening where you really can't be bothered. The great thing here is that you'll be nourishing your body with a home-cooked meal as well as saving those extra dollars.

14) Smile more and laugh out loud. Enough said really.

15) Spend more time in nature. Re-connect with the outdoors and your mind and body will be thanking you.

There's nothing in this list that you probably don't already know - it's just a nice little reminder of how easy it can be to practice a life of wellness. It all starts with the small steps each day - one at a time, remembering to enjoy the process. Wellness isn't a destination, it's a journey - keep it fun and positive!

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx