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Hello From The Other Side...

Yes, these are famous Adele lyrics, however for the purpose of this exercise I'm hear to share with you some frequent ways in which our loved ones from the 'other side' drop in to say hello and in particular, one story which completely stood out.

As with all years, 2017 saw many people reunite with loved ones they believed were 'gone forever'. I had newborns, parents, siblings, friends and grandparents all come through to let their loved ones know they are still around. With each reading, I explain that for me, it's like looking at a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces. All the puzzle pieces are floating around in the air and with each new piece of information which comes through and is validated, one piece of the puzzle is captured and the puzzle soon starts to take shape. Imagine sitting down to start a jigsaw without having any idea of the image you are trying to create...well, that's what it's like for me during a reading.

Our loved ones, let us know that they are around in SO MANY different ways. At times we may be thinking of them when a song comes on the radio...We may receive a feather or a coin to let us know they are around...Electrical items may turn themselves on or off without anyone being nearby...We may smell them via scents of perfume, cigarettes, particular foods or drinks...The truth is, we are not limited in how we receive the messages that our loved ones are present, providing we remain open to receiving the signs they provide us with. On average, I do 2-3 readings per week and no reading is ever the same as another. Sometimes we hear from the people we've been hoping for and other times we hear from the people we'd least expect. The fact of the matter is, the ones we are supposed to connect with are the ones that come through. Nothing more, nothing less.

One reading which completely stood out last year was with a young mother and father back in January 2017.

You may have heard me say this before - energy speaks volumes before a word is even said.

The energy that came into the room was that of pure heartbreak, sadness, anger and exhaustion. The couple sat down and before I had the chance to go through my usual spiel of what they could expect, I was being bombarded with messages for them.

The first thing I said to them was "your son is happy and he is in a beautiful place". Needless to say they broke down in tears.

I explained to them that he kept showing me the number 6 and they confirmed he passed away when he was 6 days old. The amazing thing about energy is that even though this was a baby who passed, he was coming through with the energy, personality and vitality of a grown man!

I told them I was connecting with a "Vince, Vincent or Vincenzo" - they confirmed their son was named Vinnie. We spoke about the gifts he received in the hospital and he mentioned the 'soft train' - this was the moment of silence. The 'soft train' he referred to was the very first toy his parents had bought for him when they found out they were having a boy. It was also the toy that he was buried with on the 8th of December 2016.

Vinnie spoke of food that was consumed in his hospital room -- including something to do with blue cheese... (this turned out to be a blue cheese salad which was purchased accidentally and subsequently remained uneaten by his parents!) It's moments like these which are so obscure that end up bringing so much joy and closure to the people who remain. It's these moments - where there is no possible way that anyone could have known the intricacies of these details where important information is validated and we receive the beautiful reminders that life continues when we leave the physical realm of Earth.

Vinnie's connection was strong and we were able to relay messages back and forth for a good 30 minutes before his energy started to fade. His final words were "tell Mum and Dad they'll have another baby next year" - they both looked at each other and shook their heads to disagree.

The energies that left the room were completely different to those which entered the room. For these two people, for a brief moment in time, they had been provided with a gift like no other - they were able to reunite with their newborn son.

In case you're wondering how they're doing - obviously there are good days and not-so-good days but one thing is for certain - Vinnie was right about his Mum and Dad having another baby:

(text received on 30th December 2017)

I hope this article has somehow brought you closure, expanded your awareness of what happens on the 'other side' or given you comfort to know that there is life after passing.

Love & Light

xx Sandra Stoitis xx

**This article was published with full permission from those mentioned.